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Homers For Hope

Homers For Hope

The SCC baseball team participated in a charity event called Homers for Hope. Saturday afternoon, the team volunteered in the event by fielding for the home run derby participants in the 2019 Fall Dinger Derby. Homers for Hope has delivered financial support to 25 families, paid $223,436 in bills for families in need of financial assistance, averages $30,000 of assistance to families per year, and had over 100 Home Run Derby participants over the years. 

The event aims to help families in need of financial support who are suffering from a tragic event or illness. This year the Rodriguez family was being helped through the home run derby contest. In January 2018, Anthony Rodriguez suffered a massive heart attack and stroke, and is now on the donor list in need of a heart transplant. 

What made the event so special are the ties Anthony Rodriguez has to the Salem Community College baseball members. Anthony Rodriguez was a player for SCC baseball head coach, John Holt, in 1999 and 2000. Current SCC baseball players Tyler Lashley and Tony Brown played for Rodriguez when they were 14.

Dan Gavlick, SCC assistant coach, was a participant in the homerun derby and placed 2nd. He played an intricate part in getting help to the Rodriguez family through Homers for Hope.